Legalistic Mumbo Jumbo

My opinions are brilliant and my logic is impeccable. The only fault I have is a highly limited imagination. Therefore, I can not conceive of anyone disagreeing with a single thought I have. Therefore, I have to conclude that the person and piece of paper (entity/corporation/what have you) whom is paying me to do whatever they need me to do, will agree with me 100%. Therefore, I have to say my everyone agrees with me.

This blog is always a parody and/or sarcastic/humor/whatever is currently legally protected from criticism and prosecution. Therefore, you can not sue me because I am claiming all legal protection of whatever the courts are currently upholding. So don’t bother. Also, I uphold the legal precedent of Automagic Judicial Grimness Nullification. That is, whomever demonstrates no sense of humor will have their opinions immediately nullified.


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