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Veganism: A Priviledge of Dreadlocked Trustafarians by guest blogger Chuy Carnicero

February 25, 2008

I think veganism is funny, to be honest- a joke of civilization, a priviledge of dreadlocked trustafarians who want to hold themselves in higher esteem than those dirty, not-as-spiritually-in-tune meat eaters.  Even the Ayurvedic tradition doesn’t mandate veganism.  Only the comforts of our totally “civilized” world could give rise to such idiotic dietary requirements to remain “Pure”.  I’ve heard vegans and fruitatarians argue about the health and spiritual aspects and come to the conclusion that really, “Breathatarians” are the more spiritual of all—  what!!?  yes, some people have been duped into believing that “totally spiritual” yogis can live off the air.  They get nutrients through breathing.  I  consider myself to be an open minded kinda guy, but it’s there is a screen door that keeps some bullshit out.  In this particular conversation to which I am referring, I spoke up and said that there is no such thing as a Breathatarian- at least not one who lived very long.  You can’t breathe nutrients in through the air- the breath doesn’t even go into the digestive system!  Some idiots are undeterred by truth, however, and let them be, I say….  their bubble will burst if they ever actually try Breathatarianism– but my concern is that some would languish as a vegan or fruitatarian thinking there is some higher diet and some people being Even More Spiritual.  but why stop there?  Maybe eating all this air is spiritually distracting. Perhaps even Breathing is bogging us down spritually, and if we could just live off our own recycled sense of self-satisfaction, then we might finally transcend humanity.