Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

robert-wineThis elegant label looks like it could be a woodcut perhaps by Albrech Durer. It shows a wooden arched bridge which leads to a lovely vinyard.

The whole ensemble has me thinking that this label should be more of a book cover rather than a wine label especially because last time I checked, wine usually doesn’t have an author.

Robert’s a bit of a trickster because the wine wasn’t in the wine section of Albertson, but rather in the snack section. But at $6.41, it was quite the bargain.

Let’s open up this bargain.
Note, that there is NO safety seal, only a cork. This means that someone could have all ready opened it! I like this as those safety things are bullshit anyway: too much work. Plus, I like to live on the edge.

Right before, I busted her open, I realized that there’s a lovely monogram of “RM” (Robert Mondavi) with a tiny leaf which is presumably from a wine plant. Cute.

The plastic “cork” has a deep, pungent, and earthy smell. Excellent. They have even upped their game on the whole plastic cork technology as I thought that the cork was real until told otherwise by my assistant. This cork didn’t even smell of plastic.

The bouquet is much sharper than the smell from the cork. Fascinating. The smell is good, but it’s almost to the edge of actually smelling too strongly of alcohol. However, overall, it’s a good experience so far.

The mouth feel is thick and grapey. Robert’s got a full bodied wine. The finish was sharp, but again delicious.

Overall, this is an excellent buy. Thanks, Robert.


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