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It’s Not Funny Anymore

November 7, 2010

Actually, it _is_ funny, but I just don’t have the sense to see it.

I guess I have been depressed lately, but I have not been that far down to call it depression. Moreso, I have just felt very, very strange as if my personality were undergoing a seismic shift. I guess this is due to be getting every single thing I had ever hoped for.

I all ready had a beautiful, athletic, kind, supportive, brilliant, and interested wife for almost a decade.

This was great, however, I now can surf all the time, and I have enough income to not worry anymore. Plus, I have enough autonomy and fun in my career to be 100% satisfied with my job; it’s truly a dream job.

Finally, I have completed a novel.

I wake up happy everyday, and I get a great bike ride to and from work in perfect weather every day of the year.

There are people from all over the world who would kill to have this level of success, and good fortune.

Oh, I freely admit that this is almost all purely due to luck. I’m the opposite of a self-made man. I feel that everyone in my life, good and bad, played a huge role in where I am today, and I am eternally grateful to them esp. the assholes. 🙂

Thus, I feel a bit bad for feeling so weird. Again, not depressed, I laugh too much for that.

Yet, I don’t have the impetus to do any long term projects out of work such as stand-up nor fiction. I do get out and talk to people, but I feel that there should be something more. I don’t know what.

Anyway, not complaining.

Today, I actually wrote some jokes which is a good sign.

I hope to pump out some good comedy in the days to come.