I Want My Jokes Back or Thank Ya’ll Tea Baggers

It wasn’t long ago, in the Bad Old DaysTM, when we had many, many comedic “safe” targets for our jokes. Now, we can all agree that this wasn’t necessarily a good thing especially if you belonged to several of the safe targets like I did.

Then in the 90’s right when I was in college and exposed to sweet comedy for the first time, the double edged sword of Political Correctness raised its Janus head.

On one hand, I did appreciate treating everyone with good manners. Heck that’s how I was raised, to respect others regardless of any of their characteristics and no matter how ugly or retarded they looked or acted.

On the other hand, we were completely missing our targets for jokes. Instead of laughing at my jokes women destroyed the mood with remarks like, “Uh, it’s not funny to make fun of retarded people.”

Duh, I know that. I would never say anything hurtful about a real person. Ever. But I thought it was pretty clear that I was just trying to convey, in a shocking, and thus funny manner my feelings to get a laugh or perhaps just a smile. Instead it was thump on the nose after thump on the nose because I’m slow; one might say slightly mentally challenged when it comes to social skillz.

For years, the I struggled in the desert of wit with only myself as a target. With PC taking every label off the table, too, there was little I could even call myself to get a laugh.

Oh, there were a few valid targets, but for me, white males were such a nebulous group, and good comedy needs something specific to mock. I felt shitty going after the two fish in the barrel of Southerners and Christians in part because my family were both, and because I felt that the whole Red Neck thing was over done.

Then came Sarah Palin and the Tea Baggers came, and it was all OK again.

They combined a few things that were missing in older targets.

First of all, they were all privilidged in some way. Poor people have a really hard time taking time off from their 12 hour workday, cooking time, and time to play with their children, and sleep to go to DC to bitch about how much the government was helping people.

Plus, unlike other targets, Tea Baggers are like me, white and middle class, just a generation older. This is especially great for me because of all the times that older people tried to make me feel stupid or try to tell me how uninformed or naive I was.

Sweet payback time!

Also, they are hate filled. Haters always make good targets which is why I do like to mock racists and terrorists, though I think that Nazis are played out unless I guess you are a Tea Bagger and don’t know the difference between a 1930’s political party, a World Religion, and a small group of social inept criminals.

Tea Baggers don’t know many things. They do know that they are angry, and that they are filled with hatred, and that they want their country back.

Talk to a Tea Bagger, and you’ll find that if you want to get beyond a few stock catch phrases “I want my country back” and “Obama is an Islamo-fascist-Nazi-Socialist!” you’ll be labeled an “elitist” yet another meaningless term sitting in the babble like a half digested corn in a turd.

In fact, since all their dialog is silly, hate-filled, and since they are wealthy enough and had cushy enough lives, and because they are agitating for changes in the government beyond their understanding to deny themselves benefits that they have earned just because they wasted their money, and they trusted the wrong people, and because they can’t stand the sight of a Black President, they make really big fat targets for comedy.

Now, like Neo-Cons and McCarthyism, we can dig up the old jokes, dust them off and retrofit them.

For example, hear of the new Tea Bagger invention? A screen door for a submarine.

What do you do when a Tea Bagger tosses a grenade at you? Pull the pin and throw it back.

Then there’s the clip that started it all off. The one from John Waters which tells us what Tea Baggin’ really is which is why they call themselves the Tea Party now though I like the original way better.

I don’t know why, but I kinda like to cling to the past. Call me conservative. 🙂


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