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You Are So Arrogant

September 23, 2010

This is going to be an angry rant, so if you want humor better try the Disney Channel or something.

I’ve noticed something in the last ten years or so that in politics people are getting better and better at empty rhetoric.

The first time I noticed something trying to best me w/ a cheap rhetorical trick was in the mid-90’s actually.

I was arguing that Clinton was not as radical of a leftist as he was made out to be.
I did this by pointing out that in many of their leftist positions, Clinton did the opposite.

A pretty simple argument that points out the facts, right?

Instead of looking at the fact, the person said, “You’re a great debater.”

The thing was, I didn’t want to “win” a debate, I just wanted our conversation to stay in the realm of reality. I try to do this by talking about real concrete things that we all agree on. My friends love this about me.

Fast forward to now.

Our society is getting more and more disconnected from reality. I think this is because there are a lot of really bad things going on, and people can’t face up to the facts of life.

The more that life is slapping us in the face with the limitations of energy, American power, and so on, the more people lash out and try to blame certain groups. Of course this makes no sense because if those groups were really in power and as evil as they were made out to be, people would shut up and get in line real quick. Or they would be dead, and I wouldn’t have to hear from them.

Thus, the rhetorical tricks just get better.

One of my new favorites is getting called arrogant by pointing out the very obvious truths of things.

I find this funny because the person is totally unaware of what this word means.

Arrogant doesn’t mean truthful. It doesn’t mean courageous enough to speak the truth to people who would rather put their head in the sand.

Arrogant means thinking your better than other people and that the rules don’t apply to you.

So the next time someone tries to dumb you down by calling you arrogant for speaking the truth, don’t take it.

If was dumber than everyone around me, I’d shut my mouth and hope they woulnd’t notice rather than insulting them and drawing attention to myself of what an idiot I really am.

I think that it’s arrogant to be dumb and still expect people to take me seriously.