Left Wing Media Debunked

I’m sick and tired of hearing that old lie–yes lie–about the “left wing” media. This is something that Limbagh has been saying for years, and people are starting to repeat it. If enough people repeat it on the radio and TV, it must be true.

Actually, it’s complete nonsense. My argument is that everyone on TV are moderates and the LEFT HAS NO VOICE IN THE MEDIA. None. In fact, Chompsky pointed out the intellectual gulag that left wingers are thrown into. If a story is left of the New York Times, it must be crazy, right? Because the crazy left has its voice. Its the New York Times. Therefore, if it’s even more left, it’s crazy. Welcome to the idiotic world of circular logic. Circular logic is false.

Actually, nobody really has left wing opinions unless they do some hard thinking. This requires disconnecting from the media for a while and hashing it out on your own. If you do, and you reconnect you will find some stunning things. One of them is that all the most important issues in your life, the things you really care about and want are completely ignored by the media.

People look at me like I am a crazy person when I tell them this. Therefore, I am going to put out a table that shows the difference between the Right, the Left, and Moderates. I am not going to apologize for this table. It seems like these positions are distorted but that’s only because the media actually distorts what’s going on. I took out all their bullshit euphemisms and made things very clear.

Whatever side you are one, I have a lot of respect for you, as a sentient being. I realize that you only want to be happy and free for suffering. I hope that this is so. I feel the same about everyone else as well.






Withdraw all troops today.

Reduce the troops a little.

Invade more countries.

Automobiles/Energy Policy

Ban cars. Switch to bicycles. Become energy independent over
night. End funding for terrorism and end the deaths of 40,000
Americans/year due to our destructive automobile habit.

Electric cars which uses more fuel than regular autos.

Burn all the gas as quickly as we can, after all, it’s our,
“way of life.” Forget about the children.


Congress has slumber party until homelessness is over. After
all people are sleeping out in the cold now. If they have time to
bail out the wealthiest companies they should give fair time to
those without homes.

Give money to big corporations with oversight. After all, the
companies failed so they should be propped up but not rewarded.
They need to watched for a few years.

Give money to big corporations with no strings. After all, the
“market” can take care of itself. It certainly knows who to
give tax money to: rich people.

Nuclear proliferation

Assist all other countries with nuclear programs. If we help
others then they are not likely to attack us. After all, the fact
that the Soviet Union had nukes prevented World War III.

Talk to the countries that are proliferating to try to get them
to realize that nukes are a bad security investment. After all,
the biggest nuke stockpile in the world sat idle while terrorists
used our own airlines to destoy our biggest buildings. We need to
have more friends in the world.

Alienate countries. Invade and kill their civilians. After all,
if they are all dead, then they can’t harm us. If anyone tries to
get nukes, we’ll kill them. Hopefully countries will disarm when
they see this.


Non-issue. Why bother with other country’s governments? Our own
country is messed up as it is.


Secularize other countries while at the same time we introduce
Christianity and our own morality in our own courthouses, laws,
and classrooms by any means necessary.


100% tax cut for those making less than $250,000. Give the
people, overnight, the tax cuts that Bush promised, but never
delivered. Moderate taxes on wealthy. A small percent of a huge
portion won’t be noticed by wealthy, but it can be used to pay for

Minor tax credits for things we like. Increase overall taxes.
After all, Bush ran up quite a big bill. Obama is trying to beat
him on debt. If we don’t start to pay interest then our creditors
will cut us off.

Tax cuts for wealthy. High taxes for middle class and poor.
Don’t give anyone any benefits for their taxes. Use non-issues
such as abortion and homosexuality to distract voters from the
fact that their taxes are the same as they were eight years ago.
Rack up massive debts until the government ceases to function.
After all, the wealthy do the best in countries where every aspect
of the government is for sale.


Keep guns in the hands of the law abiding. Don’t collectables.
Allow for hunting. Ban sales of cheap hand guns, shut down gun
shops that evade the law. Prevent straw purchases by limiting the
number of sales per month.

Ban guns aren’t really popular in most murders, but look scary
on TV. Mild restrictions on cheap handguns, the biggest killers.

No regulation on guns. Rich people can buy bigger guns than the
poor and afford their own security. If the poor kill one another,
who will really cares?


Deregulate and tax.

Use in college then pretend that drugs don’t exist.

Keep millions in jail, as long as they are minorities. Ignore
drug users if they are white and wealthy. Elect them to office.
Party with coke, but publically denounce its use.

Food Bill

Ban unhealthy food. People don’t know what’s best for
themselves. They’ll be happy when they are healthy. Regulate
industry to make sure that they are not selling toxins to the
public. Make food more local and agriculture more sustainable.
Limit pesticindes. Ban GMO foods as they are not proven safe and
they are completely unnecessary and a trojan horse for consumer
lock-in and theft of agricultural knowledge.

Fund unhealthy food. Mildly regulate unhealthy food. Allow
crappy food to proliferate as the “market has spoken.”

Give top dollar to promote unhealthy food. Cut funding for
study of dietary disesase. Fund creation of exotic seeds which can
be patented by big corporations. Eliminate natural seeds from the
market driving up the price of food while making it unhealthy, and
wasting fuel shipping food around the country.


Non-issue. Like other healthcare, it should be free with no
questions asked.

Ignore this issue. It is political dynamite.

Pretend to oppose abortion. If someone related needs one,
secretely ship them to another country where they can get one done
safely and without annoying activists. Do nothing to actually stop
abortion even while you have complete political power.


Non-issue. Treated like normal couple by constitutional

Pretend to care, but stall on issues. Also politcal dynamite.

Demonize them. It’s a great distraction from economic issues.
Have people vote for morals so they forget their pocketbooks.


People immigrate because their own countries are treated
unfairly by large corporations. Level the playing field and
everyone will be happy where they are. After all, immigrating is
dangerous, and it’s sad to leave one’s family. It’s something only
the most desparate try. Breaking minor immigration laws is part of
dealing with the constantly shifting rules, and uncaring and
unhelpful immigration officers who never knew struggle. Besides
Americans disregard laws they don’t like all the time even if it’s
a minor inconvenience such as traffic laws.

Be vague. After all, we don’t wish to offend the white,
sensitive people who don’t live near immigrants. We also don’t
want to offend our large minority voting base who feels their jobs
are threatened by immigrants.

Immigrants are illegal. Throw the book at them; just make them
go away. Unless, we need cheap labor then employ them once they
scale the Communist era, Berlin style wall we are building. But
don’t let them live in my neighborhood.


Step back and wonder why we are so over-educated. Is it useful
to spend all one’s youth studying? The jobs aren’t what they were
ever since the unwashed masses started going to college. Focus on
career training and leave the esoteric stuff to the rich kids.

Give more money to schools. Public education for all. Make
student loans available for everyone and encourage them to go to
college thus insuring a generation of wage slaves forced to work
merely to repay student loans.

Only for the wealthy. For all others, not my problem.

Pour massive amounts of corporate money into colleges in the
forms of military and medical research and then bitch that all
schools are too “liberal” because they don’t support genocide
at least not all the time. Spend a huge amount of time playing
word games which distract from the real problems.


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