San Diego, Only a Few Dollars Short of World Class Bicycle City Status

Here’s the letter I sent to the San Diego budget suggestions.

This should be good for a laugh in their offices. Known fact that auto fumes and sedentary transportation cause neural death resulting in pathetically, poor judgment đŸ™‚

San Diego has great weather all year round.

However, many of us are trapped in our autos because there is no safe access to parts of the city. There are places that are two miles away from me that I can only reach by auto or by an hour bus ride.

Why can I not cycle?

I suggest that all places be accessible by bicycle.

This will make San Diego a world class bicycle city. It’s known that cyclists make up the most creative and economically productive members of society.

This will attract people from all over the United States who will drive economic growth. It will allow people to abandon their autos which are literally driving them into bankruptcy for cycles which will make them healthier, happier, and will leave them with more money to spend on things that last.

Bicycle routes cost a fraction of the cost of highways, and they can be maintained mostly by volunteer labor. The city will save millions on wear and tear on the highways as people take to the bikeways.

Look at any city that has invested in its cycling infrastructure, and you will see a city that is very strong economically. These cities are well thought of, well respected, and people flock to them from around the world.

Stop wasting millions of savings for the citizens and lost revenue for the city brought on by poor planning. Help to make San Diego a world class cycling city. I’ll be happy to point out examples of where cities have benefited from a modest investment in dollars.


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