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Media Screed

March 12, 2009

Note this isn’t funny. It’s angry and obvious so don’t read it unless you have lived in a cave you’re whole life or if you like cliches.

Disclaimer: I need to get this out here before I start before people get confused.

1. I don’t hate wealthy people. I have a religious practice that encompasses all sentient beings. I have no anger that people have worked harder or were luckier than I was. That’s life, and I’m an adult. Whether or not I am jealous is up to me. Sometimes, I wish I had things that other people had, true. I think that this is a universal emotion that everyone has felt.

2. I’m not poor. I don’t think that there’s anything special about being poor. It’s a sucky situation, and poor people get screwed a lot. Welfare does not pay enough. I challenge anyone who thinks that welfare is a scam to give away all their money and go on it. I have never been poor enough for welfare benefits even if I didn’t work for half a year.

3. Overall, I’m happy with my life.

I know this sounds a bit obvious, but I’m so sick of the media right now.

If you watch the media very closely, you will realize that they only care about the upper 10% of the US population. Anything that affects rich people is a giant disaster. If poor people are affected or ugly people for that matter they don’t care.

I liked the recent John Stewart shows when he took on Jim Cramer because I thought that Stewart was both informative and entertaining two things that I think that Jim Cramer is not.

Sorry to burst a bubble (haha), but people who listen to Cramer want to something for nothing. They live in the dream that if they put enough money in the right stock it will soar, and they will sell and become wealthy. If you want more money than you actually worked for is this not “money for nothing”? And middle class and poor people are accused of this mentality by the “left” wing media all the time. It’s sickening.

Just like the over-paid talking head bitching about the people who actually assembled their cars. How many people on TV suggested that the people on TV are over-paid to do an easy job (reading aloud)? None. They can’t relate to people who make less than they do.

That’s why I’d like to suggest changing “left wing” media with “rich people’s” media.

1. New York Times = Yuppie Times ($400,000 = middle class,  but the same “middle class” family pays someone only $40,000)

2. Wall Street Journal = Republican Street Journal (because they have a double standard when it comes to Democrats. They just do.)

The only person who actually seems to care about people who make money less than him is John Stewart. Of course, they mock him for pointing out the obvious which is that if you make a prediction that hurts people, you are hurting people. He also demonstrated that it’s not wise to invest your money based on someone on TV. It’s just not.

I was so happy to see the investment market exposed. I hated to hear that Cramer felt as if he had just made a “little mistake” and the “the whole market is down”. Then he went on to praise himself for making an obvious prediction that actually came out to be true. So what? A stopped clock is right twice a day. To see if predictions are correct, you need to look at how many times you got things wrong.

Also, they were so angry at John Stewart because they said his job was easy. I feel that it is easy. If you watch the mainstream media with brain still ON, you will see clips that should be on his show all the time. That’s because the media is biased towards rich people which means it can’t  be logical. THE MEDIA IS FUCKING RETARDED. That’s why John Stewart’s show is so easy. If people were not dumbasses in front of the camera then this would not be possible.

Yes, predictions are wrong at times as Cramer admits. If you can’t do your job right, I suggest you should quit. I have read an excellent book called the Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb which demonstrated that the markets are too random to predict. Ever. He quit his job predicting the market because he thought it was dishonest to pretend that he knew more than he did. This is an honorable man. I think that Cramer should just admit that his job is not possible and quit. Pretending that this is an a one time thing is continuing the lie.

Taleb also suggested that people should not listen to the media because it makes you dumber and is a waste of time. I agree. The less I hear the rich people’s news, the less confused I am. I apologize to the people of the media who try to be fair. I’m sure they won’t read this. Also, there was a disclaimer. 🙂

Oh, if you search and replace “rich people’s money” with the “economy”, things will become crystal clear as well.