Showered Like Your Homeless

Yesterday, I had shower, but despite the high rent we are paying, it did not work.

That is, the shower came on when I turned it on, but it was only super hot water coming out a trickle at a time. Of course, I had to take a shower right away because I need to take a shower before I can do the laundry (long story).

Also, my friend was coming in half an hour, and I needed an hour to get ready. So I decided to take a shower right away.

It was like showering with an eye dropper. I used the kitchen sink to supplement the water supply which also made me feel even more homeless. Also, I sang annoying songs and made an overall nuisance of myself.

My wife clocked my total bitching time at two hours straight. Thankfully, my friends were late so that made me right on time.

I have a new sympathy for the homeless especially as they don’t have the luxury of showering in (relative) privacy. I know this sounds bad, like one of those retarded wealthy people. “Being homeless is really hard. I learned that when I locked the keys in my car.” But still, it was true. Quite annoying.

On the plus side, for homeless, they shower for free.


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