Take me to your (dorm) leader

I have been trying to resolve an illegal and fraudulent dorm repair charges dispute for several weeks now.

My parents have taken out a second mortgage so I can attend this prestigious university, and I am simply appalled at the lax state your complaints department is run. The dorm department isn’t really about helping people with their dorms it is about stalling, obfuscation, and outright lying.

After a series of emails that went in circles for weeks on end, I asked for the phone number of the dorm director (or should I say mis-director?) department because the response I was getting was sub-par at best. In fact, I would say it was limp and impotent. That is to say, I don’t think you can get it up let alone help me with damages disputes.

It is now several weeks later. I am back from my summer voice lesson trip in Vienna, and I still have nothing on my blackberry!

Please provide me with the name and director of campus dorms. If the treatment I have been receiving from the dorm department continues, I’ll be glad to relay my story to a dissimilar crowd.


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