Matthew 7: 6

Just like Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 7 is turning out to be one of the best seasons ever, so far, Matthew 7 is similarly a rocking chapter so far.

We get to a quote that is so pithy and useful, I can only comment on one line again. I guess I’m going to be crawling through this book for sometime to come.

This quote says “give not what is holy to the dogs”. I take this personally. It basically tells people not to talk to me about religion. I can relate to the dogs because I don’t understand what “holy” means. Does it mean we have some kind of respect or reverence? I can understand that, but why not say that. Or does it mean that we have to have a certain kind of feeling when we approach it? I get a special feeling when in a church especially when touching holy water. I know that it is just H2O, but there’s something magic about it to me.

I find this to be the biggest problem in vampire shows that are in a post-religious world. The vampires are actually linked to Christianity and when you get rid of most of Christianity, you get some strangeness. For example, Buffy sometimes uses holy water to burn vampires, but where does she get it? She doesn’t seem to go to church much, though she did mention bible reading in one episode. Does she steal it or buy it from a gift shop? Since religion is stripped of much of its power, it seems almost silly that crosses burn vampires especially just a piece of wood. That seems to be unreal to me. You should take a crucifix at least because any two pieces of wood that have fallen in the woods should not be able to burn a vampire. Does the cross have to be 90 degrees? What if it is 45 degrees? At what angle does it cease to operate?

Sorry, I got off track. I meant to speak of Matthew 7:6, but I guess I proved Jesus’s point there. It continues, “…neither ye cast your pearls before swine…” What a poetic line. I love it! Basically it means don’t talk about intelligent things to stupid people because you are just wasting your time. I like the fact he does not mention holy because this is a much more universal lesson, one that I can relate to as the person who has the pearls, too.

Then again, to believe this is a kind off pride. What if I don’t have pearls, but I am a swine? Hard to tell.

Faith? But faith that creates pride is a false faith; it’s actually delusion, not faith at all. Faith is a feeling a strength that your mind has in adversity that what you are doing is right, but it does not exclude a healthy skepticism and intelligent thought nor does it stop one from having compassion for others.

At any rate, having humility will also prohibit you from giving all your wonderful pearls to others and thus watching them trampled underfoot. So basically, if you have a bunch of pearls (good ideas) be very careful who you tell them to. Or in other words:

Beware swine!


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