Matthew 7:1-5

Now we are getting into my most favorite Bible quote of all times: “Judge not lest ye be judged.”

It is very clear. Even the archaic English works in this line, adding a neat flourish to what would otherwise say, “Don’t judge other people if you don’t want to be judged.”

Oops, my overly critical brain found a hole in this all ready. It is written in the passive voice. I wanted to write “Don’t judge other people if you don’t want SOMETHING to judge you”. But I didn’t know what something was. Other people? God? The passive voice lets you get away with not being specific. I’ll let this slide.

I really like this line anyway. It basically makes a sin of accusing other people of sin. What’s cooler than recursion?

The rest of the lines in this section elaborate the first. I like the part where it says that you shouldn’t look for a speck (mote) in someone’s eye when there’s a beam [of wood] in one’s own eye.

I find that I usually see in other the things I am most concerned about regarding myself. For example, when I was trying to learn how to sit quietly, I would notice when other people fidgeting all the time. This is funny because noticing people fidgeting is the opposite of sitting quietly. You should be quiet in a storm.

Needless to say, I realize that though I see bad things in others, I realize that I shouldn’t point them out. This passage reinforces that. Also, if you criticize others, you sound like a dick. Am I the only one who thinks that people who use biblical lines out of context to harass homosexual parades are probably gay?

Not that I’m criticizing them for it. As a personal goal, I’m trying not to criticize anyone, and failing a lot.


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