Matthew 6:24

I have not posted in a while because I have actually had quite a bit of work to do. I’m very happy about this. I am still busy, but I am going to try to fit in a short post.

The next line continues the talk of duality. I decided to address this one by itself.

This line says, you can not serve two masters. I have had this feeling at job when I had to report to more than one person. Everyone feels that their own project takes priority, and they don’t give a shit about anyone else’s work. Things get even worse when they give you conflicting orders on the same task.

As usual, the bible takes what’s a small hassle to most of us and blows it out of proportion. It says that if you have two masters, you will hate the one and love the other. I disagree. In one job, I thought both bosses were OK. In other, I thought they were both complete assholes. Depends on the work environment, I think. I never _loved_ a boss.

I know my good readers are going to say that this is a metaphor. OK. A metaphor for what? I think that if God is writing something, he should use accurate and balanced language. And please steer clear of false dilemmas. Having two bosses is a minor hassle, not the end of the world, people.

Next, he tells us the reason he gives the metaphor, which I like. One can not serve God and mammon. Who the hell mammon is, I have no clue, but it’s a cool word. Also, my spell checker actually accepts it as OK so it must be a real word.

I think what this passage actually wants to say is that if you try to serve God—meaning my teachings, only—and live in the world, you are going to have some problems. Eventually, you will reach a point where everyone around you is going to tell you to do something one way, and I’m going to say the opposite. You have to make a choice on how to live your life. Listen to me or the world. You can’t do both.

If so, why not just cut n’ paste this text into there? I’m really serious here. Why are rewrites so frowned upon here when it makes the text clearer?

As it is, I actually agree with this line as I have interpreted it. In my own spiritual life, there are many times when I wish to live my life in a certain way, and I am told that this is foolish. The thing is that this is done by people who consider themselves Christians.

So actually this is a very deep issue. It’s something that I continue to wrestle with; how to live in the real world and be a spiritual person? How not to “sell out” which in this case means sacrificing your real values to survive.

I think that the best way is to have a kind of spirituality that is realistic. That is, I don’t think that there should be a difference between your spiritual values and the rest of your life. If you need to drink booze, join a religion that allows this or don’t have one at all.

If you are going bomb other countries don’t hang on to a religion that bans violence. And so on.

This gets to another point. I have noticed that people who live in a way is out of sync with their religion are really touchy all the time. All kinds of angry and defensive even offensive. When people are at peace with their lifestyle and their religion they are more calm.

I’m not a huge fan of Zen, but I think that this is a place where Zen really shines. It doesn’t preach a lot about how to live your life and does not give you a lot of things to believe. There are things to do. You see everything you do as sacred. Washing the dishes is like going to church. I wish more religious people were like this. Quiet and peaceful. Instead of big talkers who don’t _do_ anything.


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