Matthew 6:16-18

Next comes fasting rules.

I don’t recall any talk about fasting before so again, this is confusing to me. I really hate to hear myself say the word “confusing” because I feel like I am flogging that dead horse, but that’s my feeling.

I guess he is assuming we all fast at one time or another. Or he is pointing to rules that we all ready had. This leads me to believe that Christians should follow all the laws of Judaism with minor tweaks. I can only guess what is right. And guessing is fun.

Anyway, when you fast you need to look as if you are not fasting by washing your face. Also, you need to annoint yourself. With what, it does not say. I heard this one politician used Crisco. That’s so ghetto. I’d use fine olive oil and make a nice cross on my head. Oh wait, in Jesus’ time, the cross was not a sign of good luck. It was a sign of criminals like having your pants come down your ass is today. I wonder if they had some rebelous youth in his day who would wear Roman plumes on their head to look bad and shit. It seems like the best parts of history get left out.

I think the main point of this passage is that if you are religious, don’t wear it on your sleeve. Hide it. Don’t lord it over other people. I think that this is sound advice.

I never fasted as a Christian and never gave anything up for Lent because I did not comprehend renunciation. I do now, though, because it was explained to me. Renunciation is NOT giving stuff up as much as it is understanding that you never had it in the first place. That makes sense because it is getting in touch with reality something we are all short of.

One time I did fast with a Muslim. I did it because we were friends and we worked together so we ate together. I ate when he ate as this was my habit. I would get so caught up in my work, I’d forget otherwise. He would eat an early dinner because it got dark early at that time since it was winter. It was kind of fun because I was doing it with him. At the time, I would not have enjoyed it so much if I had done it alone.

I liked Equa Yona’s comments, but I do NOT see these articles as a face-off between religions. I am not saying a religion is _better_ than any other religion. I am honestly putting down my feeling and what worked for me. Some people get a lot out of Buddhist ideas. Other people pervert them to mean being a dirty hippy. Other people pervert Christianity. Still others mix and match in a salad bar. OK.

I have spent a huge part of my life trying to live as a good Christian, and it did not work for me. I just hated myself and life in general. I did not want to face God because I was scared. I hated not believing in him, too, because then I would become nothing.

I had no clear spiritual ideas, and I was very angry. I read Buddhist books and things improved a lot for me. I have been happiest this year since I have ever been. I still want to be open minded and will read other books because I think that not doing so is like putting yourself in a cult. However, i am not mixing and matching. I am following Buddhist ideas as much as I can. I’d like to join a community, but I don’t know of any that suits my needs and beliefs.

I’m not that great spiritually, and I don’t particularly want to be. I would like to be a whole lot funnier to other people, though.


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