First Thought, Best Thought

If you write fiction, you know that often the best version is the first version. A critique group gives a story a more committee feel taking out the rough edges which are often the most innovative parts of the story. Also, people tend to all have their own axes to grind, thus it’s nice to see the work which springs from a single mind.

I believe the same is true for the bible. The folks at The British Library are going to put an ancient bible online. Imagine what this will do for the bible blogging world!

It is over four hundred pages long. I wonder how long it will take me to critique the entire work?

Just as a committee can screw up a story, it seems that the committee who worked over the bible screwed things up. Mark ends with the followers leaving the tomb. Strangely post-resurrection stuff was not covered. Perhaps that could be because IT DIDN’T HAPPEN?

Who knows, but the people who were closest to the situation never heard about it. I don’t know why people think that Christ’s death is a “strange” way to end the book. The book was about his life, and when he died it was over. The same is true with books on Mohommed and Buddha. They lived, they did stuff, they said shit, then they died. END OF STORY.

If you watch season 6 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you will realize that ressurection should not be attempted because it messes with the natural order of things. Also, realize that if you perform a resurrection spell, bad shit happens. Really bad shit. Starting with the pulling into our dimension a spiritual hitchhiker which must be completely materialized before Buffy can kick its ass.

I like how they try to justify kicking out the other books from the bible using the scientific method known as idle speculation. They thought that perhaps Christians bound some worthless books in with the bible in order to “save some money.” Yeah, because Christians are so cheap, they would bind a trashy novel in with the holiest of books. (SARCASM in the last sentence; this is a form of humor. The proper response is laughter.)

A more likely explanation is that ALL THE BOOKS WERE PART OF THE ORIGINAL BIBLE. Why can’t people just take it like it is instead of imposing their retarded beliefs on things they find? I’m sick of people being programmed with some kind of story when they are little then tossing out all evidence that they learn forever and ever, amen. What if the first thing you learned was wrong?

For me, I spent about a decade deleting nearly everything that I had learned. Then I learned a much different better way to live. I moved from dread and depression to delight and happiness.

Perhaps today is a good day to forget everything you know and relearn everything. It could be fun.


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