Matthew 5:33-37

This is one of my favorite sections. Here Jesus tells us what to swear on. Basically the answer is don’t swear.

This section is very clear, “don’t swear, not at all”. It goes on to itemize all the things not to swear on just in case we don’t get it: not by the earth, Jerusalem, heaven, nor by your own head.

I find this to be one of the funniest passages in the bible because people are often asked to swear on the bible. But right here it clearly says to not swear at all. Therefore, anyone who swears on the bible either didn’t read the bible or they are just ignoring the bible. But if you ignore the bible, then you don’t hold it to be sacred. Therefore, your swearing is invalid.

So the only people to be trusted are the ones who _don’t_ swear on the bible. But if you don’t then nobody will trust you.

My recommendation is to just ignore all this and just swear on the bible all ready. Not because it is the right thing to do. It’s clearly not, just read this passage. No, you should swear on the bible because you really have no choice. Basically, all the good Christians of the world who come up with this whole bible swearing thing are actually negating this passage in their own book.

I find this hilarious.


One Response to “Matthew 5:33-37”

  1. equa yona Says:

    The irony is wonderful, good post. Oh, the Amish and some other anabaptists don’t ‘swear on the Bible’ for this reason.

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