Outsourcing Course Work

Move over grandpa, the new kids are in town, and damn are they smart! The next move for the brilliant millenial college students is to

outsource coursework to India

Just reading stuff like this makes me feel stupid. Yes, I know, there are many people who are upset about this. These people are morons. There’s always going to be hypocrisy when genius is invoked.

For one thing, people who run a business at a profit are given mega-bucks. When the little guy tries it, people act as if he’s some kind of criminal. Hmmm.

I know the big objection is that the students are not going to learn anything. I think that they have learned enough so they should graduate all ready. The value of time and money. Face it, if you can take a big paper that would have taken you hours and outsource it, it gives you more time to work a job. In one hour, you can make enough to produce many papers. Thus efficiency improves. Everyone is happy except for those who are living in the Silurian Era.

I mean the main thing I learned from doing my papers was that:

1. Papers are a very artificial way to learn. You can only delve into a small aspect of what the whole class was about thus becoming an expert on very little while the majority of the subject passes you by.

2. The main thing you need to know to do a paper is paper formatting and footnote rules. Also, you will probably risk getting called a plagerist whatever that is. You will do little learning of facts, concepts, or skills.

3. Anything is more fun than writing a paper. Staring at the wall, eating a pencil, or smashing your foot in the door. Nothing sucks like actually working on a paper.

So thanks to the genius of the new generation I can kill myself now knowing the world will be taken care of much better than I could have.


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