Found: Man’s Search For Meaning

A friend of mine recently gave me Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. He said it would change my life. I was skeptical seeing as I had read so many books that have all ready changed my life, I felt that I lost the capacity to have my life changed.

Not so.

However, like most cases, I seem to have taken a different message home than the one that Frankl wanted me to take home. He has this idea that people need to have meaning in their lives in order to survive. The ones who gave up on life died.

The thing is that Mr. Frankl seems to have an absurd feel of death moreso than the normal fear that all of us humans have. Of course we are afraid to die. Otherwise we wouldn’t take care of ourselves and we’d either get in an accident or starve to death.

However, he fails to realize that there are some ways of living that are not worth it.

I find it amazing that he was able to find meaning and even a little joy in a concentration camp. That’s great. I don’t think I would have, however. I’m not upset over that. I realize that people do what they have to, and you can’t judge someone in extreme circumstances. So I’m not judging.

But if I were in a concentration camp, I’d kill myself. At least I hope so. I honestly can’t say I have the courage just to off myself, but I hope so.

Besides killing people, the other purpose of these camps was to “efficiently” manufaturer whatever the Nazis needed for the war effort. Aside from the daily abuse, it would piss me off to no end that I was helping that effort. Plus, I’m a baby when it comes to pain. And I have a foul temper especially when I am abused.

I have read in other books that the Samari wives would kill themselves and their children if they were in danger of being captured. I agree with this. Capture is only suffering with no hope of a better life. It is degrading.

But Frankl seems to think that there is something wrong with suicide. I don’t. I think it can be honorable.

I also take exception to the fact that people feel that suicide is a coward’s way out. If you ever thought about suicide for a few seconds, you’d realize that it’s not. It takes a lot of courage.

For some reason, our society seems to think that people are immortal. They are not. You are going to die anyway. If you kill yourself, you get to pick the circumstances.

That’s wonderful. Once I realized I could just kill myself, I felt liberated and free. I felt that nobody could have any power over me I didn’t want them to.

Just for the record I’m not depressed. I’m not planning on killing myself any time soon. I’m actually happier than ever, and life is more precious. I feel more free than ever.

Thanks Dr. Frankl.


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