Matthew 5:29-30

These two verses are a continuation of the ones I had posted about earlier, but the theme is different so I realized that to cover them both in detail, I had two themes so I’m breaking them up. I am at the most message rich section of Matthew now, and it’s getting good.

Last time we talked about how undesirable things begin in the mind, and that to stay away from these things physically, we can start by staying away from them mentally. I guess I forgot to add, that there is no mention of how to do this. Just don’t look at a woman with lust. This is more difficult than it appears for us mortals. How to do this?

Alas, there are zero instructions on any kind of mental training here. Nor are we truly given the reason why lust is bad. It’s just bad, that’s it. Trust me.

If someone wants to know why lust is bad, they have to think about what it would be like to drink salt water to quench one’s thirst. It just makes you more thirsty. If you are OK with this then you can be thirsty all the time. No problem for me.

As for the techniques, I suggest meditating on all the unattractive qualities of the body such as the body fluids: blood, pus, mucus, and so on. Think about the object as old, without skin, and decaying.

Instead, we get a joke. Yes, they Jesus jests, though I never heard anyone laugh at this. However, I know that this is a sad joke because nobody actually put this into practice.

instead of sticking in the same vein of training your mind to stop you from doing things you regret, he tells you to engage in body mutilation. I quote: “If thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out”.

I have heard of a lot of Christians who say you have to take the bible literally, every word is true. I have also heard of many fundamentalists who would cheat repeatedly on their wives. Why then to they have two eyes? I mean they want to persecute people for loving others if they happen to be of the same sex. But the very clear statement about plucking out your own eye, they seem to ignore.

This makes me angry because there are many parts of this book that are highly unclear as I have pointed out earlier. And yet, here is something that is clear as day and it is ignored.

Similary, the next line talks about taking off a hand for stealing, your own hand. It doesn’t say cut other people’s limbs off. This is very clear. If you steal, you must mutilate yourself. Again, nobody follows this. Why? This is very puzzling because they go on and on about hellfire in the future, but no talk about self-mutilation.

Oh, I have yet to see a single thing about hellfire yet. Perhaps that’s coming up. I’m looking forward to it.


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