Oil prices from the grassy knoll

People who know me well know that I hate the word “conspiracy theory” because it is a weasel word often used to dimiss pages of solid research and logic using five syllables. It makes me want to scream, “no, you don’t get off that easy. _You_ may convince yourself that your happy bubble world is still intact with your magic incantation, but you have not convinced me. So it’s a complete waste of time.”

The response is usually the equivalent of “Na na na, boo boo. You can’t make me.” Which is correct in its own way, but it does not dismiss the research.

Therefore, I do not take it lightly when I dismiss people who think that the high oil prices are the result of a vast conspiracty. The logic is tight: oil was $1 a gallon when Bush became president. Now it is $4/gallon. This is true. However, they fail to note that when I was not married oil was $1/gallon. Now it is $4 _after_ I got married. I don’t feel blamed for this because I had little to do with this.

I am not trying to defend anyone here, believe me. I like blaming people, but I do feel that if one are to complain, one must place the blame at the right place.

Here are a few points:

1. The oil industry is not owned by one person nor by one country. OPEC _is_ a cartel, but they only control 40% of the supply. Nobody can completely control the price of oil right now.

2. Usually conspiracies do not allow one to get in on them. The high oil price allows anyone with a bit of money to profit. If you dare. Note I do not suggest speculation in any market. In fact, I believe that speculation is against my religion. So don’t do it. However, if you wanted to, you could buy oil futures right now on the futures website. So if oil is going to go up and up, put your money in it!

The problem is that this seems too good to be true. That’s because it is. Like all businesses, the oil business is risky. Once you buy futures, your money is at risk just like all the rich people who people are so jealous of. So if you join the conspiracy you don’t get more rich, just more nervous than ever.

3. Who owns oil companies? Rich people for the most part who are part of the conspiracy. Who owns all the other non-oil companies such as car companies, housing development, farming, manufacturing, and retail? Is you said, rich people, mostly, you are correct. So if there is a conspiracy making oil high, then this conspiracy will affect all the other rich people adversely because high oil prices will hurt the US economy. Growth will stop which will stop the production of new wealth. This will hurt the rich the most because they are the ones who own all these things.

I have nothing but debt right now. If there is a contraction, and inflation occurs, then my debt will actually be cheaper because I’ll pay back much cheaper dollars. Also, when the economy weakens interest rates lower which means I will have to pay less interest. So the economy does not matter to me at all since I don’t depend upon it. I work for a university. There will always be wealthy people who send their kids to college so my job is just as insecure as it always was.

Best of all, I don’t drive. So I don’t have to worry about gasoline bills. All ready many people have praised me for riding a bike. In the past, they dismissed me as being silly. I am hoping that more development will be done around the bicycle due to high gas prices. I’m not holding my breath on the last point, but it’s more possible under expensive petrol than under cheap fuel.

Higher gas prices are nothing but a win to me. Perhaps this means I have been co-opted by the conspiracy and I am selling futures to make a buck. I can dream.

Conspirators, I am ready to sell out. Show me where to sign!


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