Cujo: A Dog of A Book

I don’t know why I read Stephen King’s books. Perhaps because I am writing a novel, and he has been the number one seller for like ages. Also, I did like Tommyknockers, It, and Firestarter. So I’m not dissing the guy completely. I mean, hey, I can’t get this right. If I say he’s great, then I’m lying and that’s not fun. If I say he sucks then I’m jealous, and that’s just plain ugly. Best thing to do is not to talk about him at all.

Instead, I’ll review a book of his that I just read. Why did I read this one? I don’t really recall. I guess because I thought that the idea of a dog with rabies with little or no supernatural element was a great idea for a novel. I still think that it could be a good novel. Unfortunately, the implementation known as Cujo is not the novel I was looking for.

Though the novel sucked, in order to create the happy sandwhich, I must say something nice about it. The one thing I liked about Cujo was Cujo. The dog was well drawn. It broke my heart when the poor thing got rabies. However, I realize that rabies is the best thing that happens to the reader.

The other characters were the usual dispicable human charicatures, I have grown to expect from Mr. King. He does a great job of drawing up people I despise. I hated the children the most. First of all, they were boring. They had the stereotypical fears like the monster in the closet. Since this is so generic, this would immediately allow the maximum number of readers to relate to this. But to me, I want something that takes a little more thought and imagination. Second, children are too easy. Obviously, nobody wants children to be hurt. So you get the reader to sympethize with them automatically. That’s cheap. I know, I’m jealous because I didn’t put a monster in a closet and get a million bucks. I don’t know, but I’m reveling in all of it.

The other people were annoying for various reasons none of which I could relate to in any way beyond the fact that they each had a set of two eyes, and two hands with five fingers. All these boring people, each miserable in an ordinary way.

Finally, something had to change. It did, but it took too damn long. First of all, I did not believe that Cujo got rabies by sticking his head in a hole in the ground and getting scratched by a bat. I don’t know why, I just couldn’t picture it.

When the poor dog finally did get the disease, he just stood around menacing for a long time. Also, though I liked the dog, I did not like his point of view. I don’t think a dog thinks of humans in all caps like the MAN and the BOY. But DAMN it’s original to WRITE in all CAPS to show the inside of a dog’s mind. Ug. I skimmed these sections.

Speaking of skimming, this book was highly skimmable. Stuff that could have taken a page took a whole chapter because Stephie was trying to give us suspense. Instead it was merely boredom. I read the first sentence in a section, skimmed, then the last one. The only exception was the advertising business. That was really fun to read and highly original especially when Mr. King actually guessed what comedians would say about an advertising fiasco. Brilliant. If only he used this much brain power in actually making the characters (besides Cujo) this book could have been a lot better.

Instead, we are waiting and waiting for something to happen. We know that Cujo is going to go on a killing spree, but we dont’ know when. I’m one who usually hates violence, but the characters were so dull, I could not wait for Cujo to kill them off. The only disappointment here is that he didn’t kill enough of them. First Cujo kills the most annoying men in the whole book. Great! I realized that they were there only as cheap fodder that we were not supposed to care about anyway. Then the wife gets over there so she can act as a doggie treat. Die all ready! Instead she just sits in her car for about 400 pages boring the shit out of me. For God’s sake let something happen so we can end this damned pity party. Unfortunately, the woman survived. Too bad. Then the child dies. Though I didn’t have a connection with the kid, I did feel shitty anyway. Kids dying just does that some people.

So I read this whole book waiting for something exciting and it’s boredom, boredom, the bigass downer. Again, I ask myself, why did I read this book? Why would anyone read this book?


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