Matthew 4:12-25

After the temptation, Jesus hears that John is in prison. So he goes to Capernaum. At first, I thought that Jesus was going to bust John out. Instead Jesus goes to all these different places to fulfill a bunch of prophesies. So why tell us about John? To me, this makes Jesus look bad. His friend John is in prison, and yet he is diddling around in other places. Why?

Next it says something about dark and light which seems to mean that Jesus’ preaching is light unto the dark. OK. In my version there seems to be a comma missing, but it does read better without the comma. “and to them that sat in the region and shadow of death [,] light is sprung up. I put the missing comma in brackets. I do like the phrase “shadow of death light is sprung”.

Jesus calls a bunch of fisherpersons to follow him. They do. Then he starts preaching everywhere “the gospel of the kingdom.” I am thinking that the Christian community had a lot of oral supporting ideas that were written down elsewhere or lost. The gospel of the kingdom is not yet articulated too much here. The author seems to think that the reader knows about this gospel.

Jesus becomes famous in Syria, which is a country I always wanted to visit. Damascas is one of the oldest occupied cities in the world.


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