Gas Price Relief

Today is a red letter day in the cycling community. Gasoline has topped four US$ today. It was over four dollars in some places before, but now it’s headline news, people.

In order to celebrate, this blog is going to give away a QUARTER GALLON of gas. In order to participate, you must promise to refrain from honking all day especially at cyclists. To collect the money, stop your car as you are driving by me AT A SAFE DISTANCE FROM MY BIKE. Roll down your window. Note, the next part is important: GREET ME IN A KIND VOICE WITH A NORMAL HUMAN GREETING. I know, most nice people I know, when behind the wheel of a car, suddenly morph into super-assholes and kind greetings to bicyclists is impossible. If you forget the greeting, you forgo the much needed petrol. Finally, just ask me, and I’ll give you a dollar.

How do I know you won’t honk all day? I trust you.

How do you know it is me? Just stop for all cyclists. Drivers seem to have no problem stopping for every tiny bump in the road so that their precious underside doesn’t get scratched. Why not stop for a cyclist or two and have a friendly conversation.

Remember, drivers of the world. Cyclists don’t hate you, they just don’t want you to kill them. They view you as a two year old…holding a handgun. Cute, silly, and totally fucking insanely dangerous with no clue of your awesome power.


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