Matthew 2

OK, this is getting interesting.

First of all, Christ is born in Bethlahem which is in Judea where Herod is king. Herod hear’s a prophesy that Jesus is born a price of Judea and he is destined to be a” Governer that shall rule my people in Israel.” I know I am nitpicking here, but to say that Jesus would go from a prince to a governer seems to be a step down. Judea was part of the Roman empire at this time.

This is why this prophesy is confusing. If it is meant to make Jesus look great as governor, it doesn’t. Governer of Judea is small potatoes compared to the Roman Emperor. Judea wasn’t even that important part of the Roman Empire. The modern equivalent would be something like governor of Whyoming. Not the worst job in the world, but hardly worth God’s time, I think. If the idea was to make Jesus look humble then it also fails. Instead they should have made him a carpenter or something.

Back to the story. The wise men came out of the East. This is an important point because one of my three wise men was from Africa. If you look at a map, Africa is to the west of Judea not the east. Therefore, all the three wise men came from Asia. I imagine one from India, one from China, and one from one of those Asian countries we never heard of. Russia was not on the map at this time and it had not taken over the top half of Asia yet.

Anyway, the three wise men were smart. They did not listen to Herod when he told them to tell him where Jesus was so Herod could worship him. I guess they realized that it was a bit odd that the king of Judea would want to worship a child who would one day be a governor. I keep thinking of baby Rendell in the manger or something. Also, God warned them in a dream to not talk to Herod again.

At this point I am wondering, does anyone in this book NOT listen to their dreams? I dream all kinds of looney things. If I followed my literal nightime dreams, I’d be in jail.

The three wise men’s navigation system is to follow a star which stood over where the child was. I can’t picture this at all. I am guessing that this was the brightest star in the sky or something. I can’t imagine any other way. I do not think the star was literally right above Jesus, though or he and the rest of the earth would have been incinerated. This section could be cleared up a bit. There are a lot of stars so I’m not sure how they could follow just one.

When the three wise men leave, Joseph dreams again. This time the angel tells him to take his family to Egypt. So, of course, he does.

When Herod didn’t get word back, he had every child in Bethlahem killed. Just to be sure, he also had all the toddlers killed in the coastal cities as well. This was a pretty big crime. I am wondering if it is anywhere in Jewish history. Just curious.

Next, Joseph had another dream that told him to go back to Israel. I was disappointed because they didn’t really show Egypt at all. There was just telling. I wanted to see what Egypt looked like at this time. Note that Egypt, too was part of the Roman Empire at this time.

Next Joseph took his family to Nazereth, which I think is in Judea somewhere.


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