Ghetto/Red Neck Nation

One of the main reasons I hate politics is that it has a nasty way of taking what should be a Good Thing(TM) and turning it into crap.

One of the latest examples was the (retarded) claim that Obama is elitist.

If you are a normal person as opposed to a Political Bot, you will have no clue what an “elitist”. I share your situation. There is no human reason why this is bad. Yes, I confuse the word elitist with the word elite. Where elite of course means, the best. Just like Jordan is an elite basketball player, Obama is an elite politician. Elitist means something different. It means that Obama thinks he’s better than everyone else. What Obama thinks can only be determined by MRI or asking him what he thinks. Why this is not done is beyond me. Rather than doing this, people are taking things he says and reading into it. I’m just a simple guy, but when you do this, we have a word for that. It’s called mind reading.

However, I’d argue that if you are a politician not only is it OK to think you are better than everyone else, but out right necessary. Otherwise why are you running for office at all? If everyone else is as good as you are, they should do it.

The thing is that we are so ghetto/red neck, we can’t even think straight. Being intelligent is looked down upon in the mainstream media. Why would that be? Who looks down on intelligent people? Only in the ghetto/red neckville do you get this kind of backward thinking.


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