Mocking the Office NOT!

There are so many jokes and mockery of offices and office culture. People seem to think that working in an office is a big joke.

I have been working in an office for less than a week now, and I think that the joke is on them. Never have I been around so many nice people. Never did everyone know my name so quickly. I don’t even know these people who are smiling and greeting me.

The desk I have is bigger than the entire staff room for my last lab. I have as much office space as my boss who had to spend 10 years in school and a few decades in research to get there. There are doctorates at my last place who had to share office space.

Speaking of over educated people: one of the best things about the office environment is that people don’t expect you to be a genius and to have multiple graduate degrees before they treat you as a person. This starts from day one. So to make fun of stupid people in the office, I think is unfair because this is actually an asset to the job. It’s OK to fuck up. A lot.

Nobody is going to die. Just fix it and move on. Nobody gets hurt.

There’s also the crazy notion of soul sucking. Nothing sucks the soul more than someone treating you like shit. I’m not getting that here. So I’m OK. I love the little cubicles. I love the big desks. I like the clean environment. I like the men in women walking around in nice clothes. I like the little pen holders and new computers and the calculators. I love my assignments that allow me to use my extra processing power for things I enjoy. I love not being stressed all the time.

Don’t fuck with office workers. We’re happy.


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