Collecting the Evil Eye In Gray’s Ferry

I rode to work today. It was the first time I rode to the new job. It took me a while because I needed to get up early. Also, since it was my first ever business casual job, I needed to stash all my stuff at my desk before I rode. Some people ride around with business suits, but not me. I even changed my pants.

The ride was quicker than I thought. I got here on time even though I thought I was leaving late. I had to be at a meeting at 8:30. I got to work and locked my bike by 7:55. Great!

Enroute, I managed to collect four more evil eyes (two sets). The first was when a little boy was pulling stuff out of his car. He had a hoodie on and his back turned to me. I rode in the center of the one way street to avoid getting doored. Then he turns around and walks right into the middle of the street. Not a good move for him. I stopped on a dime and saved him from getting hit by my wife’s mountain bike. My reward? A glare. He looked at me like Clint Eastwood though he was not more than ten.

I wondered, “Who does he think he is?” I wondered who taught him to act like that?

I rode on until I reached a spot beneath the bridge in beautiful Gray’s Ferry. Gray’s Ferry is an old poor neighborhood now racially mixed. Pretty much everyone hates every race than their own or so I have heard. I usually just bike through there as fast as possible. I have thought of going into a bar and thought longer on whether I’d be able to get back out. They have some nice enough pubs there.

Once I got beneath the concrete bridge, I paused and looked at the face of a woman who was turning right in front of me. She was looking to make sure her precious tank didn’t get hit by other cars. She didn’t look where she was driving, though. I stayed on the sidewalk. I never go in front of a car unless I can see the whites (or yellows) of their eyes and in them some tiny spark of humanity. Otherwise, I stay on the curb. No spark. I stayed. She managed to catch my eye

I realized that if the woman and the boy had encountered one another, her tank would hit him. I wonder if they would have glared at each other.


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