Just Like Heaven

I feel like I little Orphan Annie. I’m on the second day of my job and it’s a dream come true. Yesterday, the first day of my job, I kept hearing that song by Annie, “I think I’m going to like it around here.”

We had a meeting where I had to keep minutes. I’m not good at that so it was a struggle, but then I find today someone did it for me to “show me how it’s done.”

All day, I sit at a desk and file papers. It pays enough to live on, but not too much so I don’t feel bad if I need to leave. Why I would leave is beyond me.

The best part is what I do NOT have to do:

1. Stand all day for hours.

2. Try to get people who have not showered for weeks to take a sponge bath. (I’m giving the bath.)

3. Stick my hand into a cage with an angry rat.

4. Drill holes in the head of a mouse.

5. Chop off mouse’s tails.

6. Clean up human shit.

7. Clean up mouse shit (human is worse, though).

8. Expose myself to dangerous chemicals including ones that gave me a huge headache like a spike was embedded in my head.

9. Expose myself to dangerous diseases including HIV, MRSA, and hepatitis.

10. Deal with the insane including those who had advanced degrees like MDs and P.hDs. The MD/PhD’s are the worse, though. Trust me. Add a law degree and the person would have been psycho.

I am starting to get some memories back including the ones where I had always wanted to be an office filing assistant. Always.


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