Gratitude to Equa Yona

Wow, I had the first real comment from someone who actually does not know me. In the past in order to get a comment, I had to hold a gun to people’s head except for the fact that I don’t own guns.

Due to the nature of the comment, this would put the person in the place of guru due to the spirituality, I have adopted, and it’s kind of my duty to give this person gratitude.


Also, I think I touched the wrong nerve, so I guess I should apologize,


The only thing that bothered me the most is the comment, “you are a real jagoff.”

The content did not bother me. Stating the obvious never offends me unless he told me I was a jagoff while holding my head in the bottom of a toilet bowl that hadn’t been flushed in a few days in the Philly Bus Terminal.

The thing that really bugged me was two-fold.

1. Lack of creativity in the insult. Now “jagoff” is new to me, and I admit that I did have to look it up so kudos to that. But before we celebrate, let’s get some real insults flying. My friend could have said,

A. When will this global warming hysteria and scare-mongering end! Global warming nuts sound like the “End of Times” nutbags of yesteryear. I hope all these global warming conspiracy theorist rot in a lake of fire!

Or if they’d like to argue in the other direction:

B. When will this global warming denial and greenwashing end! Global warming deniers sound like the voice of a drunken lunatic trying to reassure his packed clown car as it hurtles to the edge of a cliff!

Much funnier than “jagoff” don’t you think? Plus, if he meant “jagoff” literally, I hope he is familiar with this study: that shows that mastrubation cuts prostate cancer risk. If my friend had done his research, he could have said something like, “Your writing is so limp, you can’t get it up with V1aGraA to mastrubate which would have then cut your prostate cancer risk.”

Overall, I’m confused by Equa Yona’s comment due to the fact that it didn’t give enough information about what specifically I said that makes me a “jagoff”. From their site, I actually consider Equa to be the superior type of environmentalist, a Common Sense Green. I guess that was not clear from the original post.

This may be due to the fact that the main point of this site is actually humor. My sense of humor is not the same as everyone else’s and the reason I blog instead of just telling people on the street my jokes is that it hurts more being told jagoff in between punches.

Best Wishes.


One Response to “Gratitude to Equa Yona”

  1. equa yona Says:

    Oh, ok. First off, glad you learned a new word. Man, that used to be a really common one where I grew up. Second, glad i could be your first unknown resonder. Sorry I wasn’t more creative in my insult,I was in my cups and tippling doesn’t lend itself to creativity. After having re-read your post I guess it just struck me as waaaaaayyyy arrogant about the trendy greens. I can see what you mean, we are indeed all contributors and just cleaning things up a bit isn’t going to do what needs to be done. However, ya gotta start somewhere, nu? Anyway, I will look back here for your tips and see if you are still as annoying as I found you last night. And what the fuck, we both got to think a bit, that’s good.Well, I did my thinking more today, but you get my drift.

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