Bringin’ Ghettoization to the Taj

It looks like the amoebic spread of ghettoization continues with the next victim the Taj Mahal Casino.

I used to hate to go to casinos because I always felt like a loser. Living in the ghetto for a decade has really hurt my egg shell self esteem. Looks like help is on the way. With the first casino ghetto.

I used to think that with all that tons of security, it would be impossible to start a ghetto in the middle of the casino or get stabbed. Looks like I was wrong.

Next stop is slot machines with spray paint on the sides and crack sold at the buffet table!

This shouldn’t stop the rest of the non-ghetto world from gambling their money away. However, if you go to Atlantic City to play poker and don’t want to get stabbed, stay out of the low rent poker tables.

As they say in Vegas, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” I guess Atlantic City is going to change its slogan from “come and watch fat, white Philadelphians fry on the filthy beach” to “Take a stab at a gambling addiction”.

Anti-casino people t ke note, if this is what happens inside a casino when a gambler doesn’t get a seat at his table, imagine what’s going to happen on the streets when you deny gamblers an entire casino!

Don’t stand in the right of people’s way to waste their money.

Don’t stab me bro!


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