Best Car Ever == Success?

With petrol (I would say “gas” but that makes me think of farting and petrol is much worse for your health than sniffing people’s farts) prices breaking double digits per barrel, what would you do if someone made a fuel efficient car?

1. Nobel Prize

2. Tons of groupies

3. Lifetime supply of free Starbucks

4. All of the above

5. Pull him over for questioning then give him a “ticket”.

If you said #5, you are correct.

Before you jump on the Big But bandwagon, “but, but, but, but,” think of this:

1. The bike car is highly fuel efficient.

2. The bike car is the SAFEST car on the road.

3. The bike car is a bike so it’s street legal.

4. The bike car has the body of a car which is street legal.

5. The bike car’s owner is going have to go to court to argue for his right to pedel is art project around.

Guess why?

1. The bike car reduces heart disease of its drivers and thus cuts into big Pharma’s profits and lowers overall health care costs in a time where there is a health care crisis?

2. The bike car makes the owners of cars that pollute envious and therefore hurts their feelings and ought to be banned.

3. The bike car is also and art project that teaches people to be innovative and therefore fosters a mindset that will not fit into a corporate mold and will threaten Order in Society?

4. The police and judges believe the bike car is unsafe.

Hint #4 is the Right AnswerTM.

Why do they think the bike car is unsafe? They don’t think it can brake properly. This is after the police officer pulled the car over and WATCHED IT BRAKE PROPERLY?

So why do they think the bike car is unsafe?

Because bike cars killed over 40,000 people last year in the US alone (I know the story is in Canada, but I am in the US) therefore it must be banned.

Oops, bike cars actually killed zero people last year. Cars that ruin the air also managed to kill 40,000 people last year. So why did they mess around with this driver?

I know what I want for Earth Day.


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