Obama! Force of Freedom

I heard the voice of reason the other day on my computer. No, unfortunately, it is not another Buffy episode. Rather it was an Obama speech. Here’s what I learned.

  1. Slavery sucks.

  2. It takes more than parchment to get rid of slavery.

  3. Obama is the product of a (hot) mixed marriage.

  4. His kids are a mix of slaves and their owners. Legally, they own themselves.

  5. His preacher says a lot of things he doesn’t agree with. In fact, his preacher is a bit of a nutbag.

  6. However, despite his nutbaggery, his preacher is still a great guy for lots of reasons [omitted].

  7. Obama went to a better school than I did.

  8. So did his preacher.

  9. The problems in the Middle East are somebody else’s fault besides us.

  10. We must get together right now and join together and stuff. Otherwise his campaign is sunk based on a nutbag preachers remarks.

  11. Something. Something. Something…The lion’s den…something…something…[more random biblical quotes].

  12. Not all white people suck.

  13. Everything in this country is fucked up. These issues go beyond black and white. Therefore, we must focus on racism as a big issue now.

  14. Obama reads Faulkner.

  15. He went to a better school than me. So did his preacher.

  16. White men have all the wealth, but sometimes they are out of work. [White dudes, please clap for me.]

  17. “Let us be our brother’s keeper,” says the bible. “Let’s be our sister’s keeper.” I made up the last part.

  18. Let’s put Rev. Wright’s speeches on endless loop on YouTube. However, Obama doesn’t agree with the parts that offend you.



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