Homeless No More!

The object of this TV show is to end homelessness while entertaining the rest of America. It is called “Homeless No More!”

Everyone knows that homelessness is a huge problem. Few people realize that this is mainly caused by people not having homes. If people had homes then they would not be homeless.

The catch is that people are really afraid that ending homelessness is going to cost a great deal of money. However, our society gives homes, for free, to people who all ready have them! This is called reality TV.

My idea is to combine together fighting homelessness and reality TV shows. The TV show can purchase a couple of homes on a few city blocks in the abandoned areas of Philadelphia. Since the badlands go on for literally miles, there are plenty of homes here to purchase. Next, just move all the homeless people into the homes and start the camera rolling.

As a survivor of a “group home”situation, I know that there is a lot of drama to be had in any group living situation. Therefore, there should be lots of viewers. Anyone who has spent any amount of time talking to homeless people will know that each of them have their own interesting stories, and a unique views on life. These personalities can rocket these homeless people to stardom where they can use their wealth to reach out to other homeless people who are lucky enough to spend time in these group homes.

Additionally, the outreach programs such as drug dependency, psychiatric, and employment agencies can come to the handful of group homes where the homeless people live. They will always know where to focus their resources instead of the inefficient methods of the past where they would have to chase homeless people all over town in order to offer them services.

I’m sure that some of the people helping the homeless can be given special episodes. There is a rising interest in watching Americans do their job, just as there is a lot of compassion for the homeless. People can watch the counselors in action. There can be a call-in section at the end of each show where the public can ask questions to the counselors or even give advice.


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