Political correctness has gone too far!!! By Guest Blogger Portia Popper

The original intention may have been good: lets be nice to everyone and quit calling people derogatory names.

Perhaps it was because of the so called “white guilt” or maybe some other reason we’ll never know. Names such as kooks, gooks and japs, were banished from the spoken language and sent away into dark dusty bookshelves spoken only surreptitiously in dark, dusty places…

But then, the intention started to go a little crazy. The goal was forgotten. Every misfit of society began to enter the always-spin zone.

A criminal who best belongs in Gitmo or a torture chamber turned into an “unsavory character” – someone who is merely not pleasing in odor.

Old people, the individuals who continue to drive badly and smell worse instead of doing everyone a favor and just dying, became “senior citizens” – now capable of dispensing age old wisdom in their Alzheimeric haze.

A Bum who used to be the bane of society’s existence and a torture to one’s olfactory senses is now a “homeless person” – a mere individual who simply lacks shelter.

A junkie who previously had crusty veins and slept in abandoned houses surrounded by filth is now “a person in recovery” – the phrase showing more optimism than perhaps
Nancy Reagan would have considered.

Merry Christmas has became “Happy Holidays/Chanukah/KwanZaa” even though the season is now only an excuse to climb into the consumer hell of debt and dissatisfaction.

Even the government has gotten into the act. Department of War became “Department of Defense” because the word “war” assumed a “a bellicose attitude towards military
preparedness”. Shellshock” has now become “combat fatigue” indicated a merely tired soldier and not a fucked up patriot who needs psychological counselling and a lifetime supply of anti-depressants.

Now it has become ridiculous. A fatass is now horizontally or gravitationally challenged. Or worse…a “person of substance”. A retard is now “mentally challenged”.

As a melanin enhanced individual, I would like to put a stop to this idiocy. I have a coworker who is a retard. A dumbass. This male-challenged individual would put sufferers of down syndrome to shame. However, this retard spends valuable tax dollars doing nothing but wasting precious tax dollars. If there were no such concept of political correctness, this retard would have been kept away from normal, functional members of society who could contribute much more toward the progress of this great nation. Instead this retard has spent more than 25 years wasting money, time, resources, energy and being a general pain in a butt to everyone around. All because people wanted to be “nice”.


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