Hot Real Estate Deal!

I was thinking of places to live recently. We were going to actually buy property, real estate. I wonder why they call it real estate. Is there something out there called fake estate?

I finally found the perfect place to live: Sunnday, California.


1. Cheap real estate

2. Highly urban environment with a small town feel.

3. Very walkable. Everything in walking distance including funeral homes.

4. Best occult library in the country.

5. Streets feel safe. Large number of women who walk around alone at night including in graveyards with infants.

6. Great weather.


1. Highest crime rate in the country. There are frequent outbreaks of random murder, posession, biting, forced sex with insects, abduction, canibalism, and indoctrination into cults.

2. Environmental hazards. City is situated on top of a hellmouth, a nexus of supernatural origin.

3. Creepy librarian who pressures teens to walk the streets at night in case there are any criminals.

4. Nightlife is dominated by a nightclub that caters to teens underneath the drinking age. Only other hangout is ice cream store.


Despite the high level of crime and supernatural events, the streets of Sunnydale are much friendlier and welcoming than the streets of Philadelphia.


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