Homeless “Problem” Solved Thanks to Philadelphia…Airport by Guest Blogger: Tullie Antipodes



Speaking, recently, of Philadelphia airport one traveler noted, “This is the only airport I’ve seen in the country — and, for that matter, almost anywhere in the world — that has homeless people wandering around.”


It really makes the airport seem really third world – that is except for the fact that third world airports don’t have homeless people wandering about either…


I don’t think having homeless at the airport gives the city a black eye. Rather, it is truth in advertising. Unlike Atlanta, where you have a gleaming huge airport for a shrunken head of a city, Philly airport is representative of the city. You’ve got your homeless, your urine smells, your shit stains, your poor service, your surly workers, your domineering unions, your corruption (Milton Street), your poor public transit (the only major airport that I know of with no free shuttle between terminals – let alone the lack of a free monorail or people mover), etc.


Come to think about it, there is no reason why the homeless wouldn’t be at the airport. After all, they’re everywhere in 30th Street Station (as any trip over there at 6AM would prove). The airport’s an even better location for them to hang out and its safer too since the bad guys would get deterred by the security. In fact, they ought to just have all the homeless in Center City moved to the airport. It would benefit all. They would have use of the facilities and an endless supply of bleeding heart limousine liberals from the suburbs and Midwest to give them money. There’s even a chapel on site and the religious types going to it will feel the need to do “God’s duty” and clothe, feed, and take care of them. It’ll also get them off the streets of Center City and out of the way. Sure, it’ll give travelers a bad first impression of Philly, but it’s better that they get hit by it sooner rather than later. Also, they’ll get a bad impression soon enough anyway from taking the R1 or the Schuylkill Expressway through the ghetto before reaching Center City.


In the words of Rendell, I see a “win win situation”.


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